SNOW Toothpaste For Kids

AED 12
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Sink Your Teeth into Some Slushie Goodness

Nothing beats a refreshing summertime treat! Our toothpaste makes brush time feel like a day at the beach with its tropical, juicy flavor. Made with a gentle fluoride formula to prevent cavities and help your kiddo's teeth grow healthy and strong.

Brush Like It's Your Birthday

Wish your kiddos begged to brush twice a day? Say no more, we've got you covered! Our gentle new fluoride-free Birthday Cake toothpaste delivers the best all-around brushing experience with an irresistible taste, all-natural ingredients, and the most effective natural formula for lil' teethies.

Delight & Hate
  • Lisa W.

    My grandson loves the flavor of this toothpaste so much great for kids not wanting to brush because of their toothpaste they will definitely want to use it every day with this watermelon slushy flavor would highly recommend this product and company .

    Larissa F.

    As I mentioned in my review for the mouthwash, I'm not a child but an adult who is sensitive to mint and needed a different option. I really like this toothpaste but I have a few minor gripes. I wish it was a full sized tube considering it's pricier than most brands. I know it's marketed for kids but I kinda wish it was more broad reaching; there is definitely a market of adults who can't tolerate the extreme mint flavors of mainstream toothpaste that would benefit from these being made for them! The flavor of this toothpaste is good but I find the lavender a bit too strong! Tastes a bit too herbal to be labelled as slushier imo. I like the enamel strengthening ingredient hydroxyapatite while still keeping the fluoride! My sensitive teeth have not had any problems with this paste! Would recommend this brand to others.

    Laura C.

    I have had trouble finding a toothpaste my son would use. He has issues with texture and certain tastes. He didn’t hate this because it tasted just like cake icing. It isn’t awful, I tried it, but it doesn’t give you a fresh breath smell.