The Ultimate Teeth Whitening Collection

AED 1,777
Need white teeth fast? This is the collection for you. Your teeth will be glowing in no time at all with this ultimate collection of our best sellers. Perfect for a total smile makeover. Prepare to dazzle!

This bundle includes:

(1) SNOW Wireless Teeth Whitening Kit (1320 AED value)
Everything you need to start whitening hassle-free. The LED mouthpiece enhances our serum for lasting results, while also providing dual-light therapy settings (blue light for whitening and red for gum support) for an oral care routine from the future. We love confidence—and having a healthy, glowing smile is your one-way ticket there!

(1) The Magic Whitening Strips (235 AED value)
Introducing a whole new whitening strip experience. Our Magic Strips treat your teeth to a magical moment as they strip away stains and dissolve in 15 minutes. The small, simple film means they're barely visible and whiten without any of the uncomfortable, gooey mess—all while tasting like a lavender mint field paradise. Keep your smile fresh, renew your confidence, and feel good doing it!

(1) The Whitening Mouthwash (121 AED value)
Say goodbye to bad breath because it’s time to put your most confident self forward. SNOW’s all-new Whitening Mouthwash is made with all-natural ingredients, including aloe and mint to soothe, freshen, and tackle stains. Rinse morning and night for your freshest smile yet.

(2) The Whitening Toothpastes - AM & PM (144 AED value)
Experience the transformative magic of our whitening toothpaste. With over 17 months in development, we’re excited to introduce you to a whole new smile care routine. Designed with sensitive teeth in mind, our AM and PM toothpastes work overtime to whiten teeth, provide lasting freshness, and tackle stains. So sit back and relax, and trust that your teeth are in good hands.

(1) The Whitening Powder (217 AED value)
Apply SNOW Magic Powder sprinkles to any toothpaste for an instant boosting formula trusted by over 1 million happy users! If you brush your teeth, you will want to make The Magic Powder a part of your routine. It only takes 3-seconds!
Delight & Hate
  • Keta M.

    I think it’s the best toothpaste ever

    Kelley S.

    Love it!


    I was super skeptical about getting this as I have used other teeth whitening systems/trays in the past and they caused SUPER SENSITIVITY issues. I have had NO ISSUES with the Snow system, even the maximum strength Serum. I'm a big coffee drinker and it has removed my stains. I love the red light for the gums also. My gums are looking healthier. My only issue is the power button is super sensitive and way to easy to accidentally turn on/off.

    Lori P.

    These strips taste great, leave me with NO sensitivity, so easy to apply and I am able to give myself a treatment on my way to work! These are barely visible so you could wear them while working too! Caution: They stick to your teeth instantly so just be sure to align them correctly before pressing into teeth. Once they are on, they can not be moved.  I cant say enough about therm! I am only on my 3rd treatment… can not wait to see how they look after a week!

    Renee M.

    I noticed a whitening of my teeth almost emmediately. My purchase of Snow was well worth it!

    Chandelle H.

    When paired with their LED Electric Toothbrush. After only 4 full days and nights of usage my teeth has whitened and felt CLEAN after use. Haven’t used it without the toothbrush so I have no clue what it’s like on it’s own, however, don’t hate it till you try it. (Hopefully the before and after photos show my teeth color change properly) ~ (5 months ago vs Today Dac. 20)

    Shannon D G.

    I bought one for my husband. It was an early Christmas present. It's so easy for him to use. I have left reviews about your products but I would also like to leave a review about your 100% amazing customer service.... Anytime I have a question you get back to me so quickly. Something you don't see a lot of nowadays. Thank you snow I appreciate you and thanks for the whiter teeth :)

    Jasmine G.

    I got the Wireless Teeth Whitening Kit, and The LED Whitening Electric Toothbrush, Whitening Toothpaste + Booster Gel, and the Whitening Floss. I used them all and did a 7 day video. So watch my video and ask yourself is this the product for you! But here’s my experience with the product I got!

    Marissa R.

    I have been using these strips for a few weeks. I have started to see a difference and have had no issues with sensitivity at all. I am hoping to get the SNOW toothbrush maybe as a Christmas gift to myself. Hoping for a sale.