The Magic Teeth Whitening Strips

AED 235
Which one:
Introducing a whole new teeth whitening strip experience. Our Magic Strips treat your teeth to a magical moment as they strip away stains and dissolve in under 15 minutes.

The small, simple film means they're barely visible and whiten your teeth without any of the uncomfortable, gooey mess — all while tasting like a lavender mint field paradise. No more nasty tasting whitening strips! Keep your smile fresh, renew your confidence, and feel good doing it!

Why do millions choose SNOW?
  • Only product with patented P3 Technology that whitens more effectively than other dissolvable whitening strips on the market
  • Noticeable teeth whitening results after just 3 uses
  • Nearly 100,000 strips sold every week
  • Quickly and completely dissolves with no residue
  • Whitens up to 7 in one single box of strips
  • Safe for enamel and does not cause tooth or gum sensitivity
  • Antibacterial ingredients freshen breath
  • Includes 28 whitening strips per pack (14 sessions, top and bottom)
  • Guaranteed results with every SNOW product

Voted best dissolving teeth whitening strip of 2022 by Real Simple!
Delight & Hate
  • Lori P.

    These strips taste great, leave me with NO sensitivity, so easy to apply and I am able to give myself a treatment on my way to work! These are barely visible so you could wear them while working too! Caution: They stick to your teeth instantly so just be sure to align them correctly before pressing into teeth. Once they are on, they can not be moved.  I cant say enough about therm! I am only on my 3rd treatment… can not wait to see how they look after a week!

    Shannon D G.

    I bought one for my husband. It was an early Christmas present. It's so easy for him to use. I have left reviews about your products but I would also like to leave a review about your 100% amazing customer service.... Anytime I have a question you get back to me so quickly. Something you don't see a lot of nowadays. Thank you snow I appreciate you and thanks for the whiter teeth :)

    Marissa R.

    I have been using these strips for a few weeks. I have started to see a difference and have had no issues with sensitivity at all. I am hoping to get the SNOW toothbrush maybe as a Christmas gift to myself. Hoping for a sale.

    Jo K.

    Tried different brands and this is awesome!

    Jaime M.

    Honestly the best whitening strips I have ever used. I can see results after 7 days. I have sensitive teeth and these don’t bother me at all.

    P Alexis S.

    I am over the top impressed!! My teeth were extremely yellow, and it's unbelievable how much these have whitened my teeth! And I'm a smoker of 20+ years who drinks coffee every day!! This is my second time purchasing because they are the BEST whitening strips on the market!!

    Lori C.

    I get so many compliments on how white my teeth are since I’ve started using snow 2 years ago. These white strips are amazing for quick whitening. I have sensitive teeth and they don’t bother me!! The taste is refreshing and my teeth look great! I will continue to buy these! Maybe add more flavors?! :)

    Tina B.

    Definitely a must for on-the-go or when there’s no time for a complete session. Not getting much of a lavender mint taste, thus the 4 stars. I love everything about Snow, and it’s working for my 60 year old teeth!

    Stephanie V.

    Love these strips!  They are simple and quick to use!  My teeth have never been whiter!  I have very sensitive teeth and I have ZERO sensitivity with these strips!