The Daily Maintenance Collection

AED 958
Love your white teeth and want to keep them that way? Meet the Maintenance collection – designed to keep those pearly whites shining bright day and night.

Here’s what we suggest for maximum results:

(1) The LED Whitening Electric Toothbrush (718 AED value)
Our new LED electric toothbrush doesn't only clean, it also whitens! Equipped with blue LED light for whitening support and sonic technology for better cleaning, this toothbrush leaves your smile whiter and brighter. And, with 4 unique modes, your new toothbrush customizes each brushing session to exactly what you need: Clean, Whiten, Polish, and Sensitive.

(1) The Whitening Mouthwash (121 AED value)
Say goodbye to bad breath because it’s time to put your most confident self forward. SNOW’s all-new Whitening Mouthwash is made with all-natural ingredients, including aloe and mint to soothe, freshen, and tackle stains. Rinse morning and night for your freshest smile yet.

(2) The Whitening Toothpastes - AM & PM (144 AED value)
Experience the transformative magic of our whitening toothpaste. With over 17 months in development, we’re excited to introduce you to a whole new smile care routine. Designed with sensitive teeth in mind, our AM and PM toothpastes work overtime to whiten teeth, provide lasting freshness, and tackle stains. So sit back and relax, and trust that your teeth are in good hands.

(1) The Charcoal Floss (73 AED value)
Fall in love with flossing — really! Clean and whiten between each tooth with our newest black activated charcoal floss. Activated Charcoal enhances cleansing and helps absorb plaque.
Delight & Hate
  • Keta M.

    I think it’s the best toothpaste ever

    Chandelle H.

    When paired with their LED Electric Toothbrush. After only 4 full days and nights of usage my teeth has whitened and felt CLEAN after use. Haven’t used it without the toothbrush so I have no clue what it’s like on it’s own, however, don’t hate it till you try it. (Hopefully the before and after photos show my teeth color change properly) ~ (5 months ago vs Today Dac. 20)

    Chandelle H.

    TO DIE FOR!! I have teeth stains from coffee, tea, protein shakes, juice, etc. and snows toothbrush paired with their whitening toothpaste is just AMAZING! My routine is: brush everyday (morning and night) for faster/better improvement, floss with their charcoal floss and rinse with their water glosser for fresh clean gums. Plus, i’ve only had this for less than 1 week (today: dec 20) and i have seen improvement in such short time hence why I’m making this review. Also compared to other brands my teeth has never felt so clean and non irritated.

    Gerrie P.

    Really loving my new LED toothbrush   My teeth feel so clean, the plaque build up is gone after using for just 1 week. I know my next dental appointment will be the best ever.

    Jasmine G.

    I got the Wireless Teeth Whitening Kit, and The LED Whitening Electric Toothbrush, Whitening Toothpaste + Booster Gel, and the Whitening Floss. I used them all and did a 7 day video. So watch my video and ask yourself is this the product for you! But here’s my experience with the product I got!

    Carrie D.

    Can't say enough good things about this toothbrush. I have used various electric toothbrushes and this one blows the all out. Variable settings, can whiten as you brush, the head is not small like most (don't feel like I'm using my childs) and the power packed in this is nothing short of amazing!

    Nikita Z.

    Tastes great, I use it twice daily together with the whitening powder and serum.  Great results.  

    Lucia M.

    Feels good for my sensitivity teeth and keeps my teeth out of stain

    Beth K.

    This Whitening toothpaste is excellent for keeping my teeth to stay as white as I like them to be. The flavor is nice however there is no foaming of the toothpaste I wish it would a little, but it does it’s job in my opinion.